Independence Day in India

India celebrates Independence Day on August 15 each year. India became an independent nation on August 15, 1947, so a gazetted holiday is held annually to remember this date.

Happy Indian Independence day...August 15th 1947
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What do people do?

Independence Day is a day when people in India pay homage to their leaders and those who fought for India's freedom in the past. The period leading up to Independence Day is a time when major government buildings are illuminated with strings of lights and the tricolor flutters from homes and other buildings. Broadcast, print and online media may have special contests, programs, and articles to promote the day. Movies about India's freedom fighters are also shown on television.
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10 Facts On Our Independent India's Independence Day?

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1India is a one of country in  whole South Asia.

2. India is the Seventh-Largest country by area in whole world

3. India is second-largest by population and most populous democracy in the whole world.

4. India is the world's largest democracy, with 1.2 billion people
5. India got its independence on August 15th, 1947.

6. Agriculture is not only the dominant occupations of the people of India but is also one of the most important economic sectors for the country. 
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About The History Of India

History of India

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The history of India is one of the grand epics of world history and can be best described in the words of India's first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru as "a bundle of contradictions held together by strong but invisible threads". Indian history can be characterised as a work in progress, a continuous process of reinvention that can eventually prove elusive for those seeking to grasp its essential character.

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History Of Our Independence Day

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Our Country India is having a huge history behind its Independece Day!!

Let Us See :)

The history behind Indian independence is very painful and is full of sacrifices. And only because of those sacrifices India freed herself from the shackles of British Empire on 15th August 1947. It was an endless struggle of millions faceless Indians, who made the inhabitants united and fought for the freedom of their own country.
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Wishing You A Wonderful Independence day

Wishing You A Wonderful
Super-Duper - Zabardast
Xtra-Badiya - Xtra Special
Ekdum Mast n Happy
Bole To Ekdum Jhakaas
*Happy Independence Day*

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15 August Mubarak!

15 August Mubarak!
DON jub chahta hai
15 AUG manata hai...!!!

Nation searching for land . . .

65 Years Ago...
A Nation Was Searching For A Piece Of Land. . .
A Piece Of Land Searching For A Nation. . .
Can Any One Help..??
((*-._ Happy Independence Day _.-*))
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I've something for you, close your eyes

you didn't close your eyes.
So nothing for you Except
My sincerity my love & prayers
Happy Independence Day

The History of India begins with the Indus Valley Civilization, which spread through in the north-western part of the Indian subcontinent, from 3300 BC to 1300 BC. This Bronze Age civilization collapsed at the beginning of the second millennium BC and was followed by the Iron Age Vedic period, which extended over much of the Indo-Gangetic plains and which witnessed the rise of kingdoms known as the Mahajanapadas.

In the fifth century, large parts of India were united under Ashoka. He also converted to Buddhism, and it is in his reign that Buddhism spread to other parts of the Asia. In the reign of Mauryas, Hinduism took shape fundamentally.

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Our life is full of Colors

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Our life is full of Colors
I hope this 14th August will
add more colors to your life
Happy Independence Day
Unified under the famous Gupta Dynasty, the north of India touched the skies as far as administration and the Hindu religion were concerned. Little wonder then, that it is considered to be India’s golden age. By 600 BC, approximately sixteen dynasties ruled the north Indian plains spanning the modern day Afghanistan to Bangladesh. Some of the most powerful of them were the dynasties ruling the kingdoms of Magadha, Kosla, Kuru and Gandhara.
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